Sunday, March 13, 2011


When I was growing up Sunday was always not special, but set aside. First church and always you wore your best clothes. My friends were there, the ones I also went to school with, and always my best friend, Bootsie (Karen Louise Marchiney). Sat. night would find us deciding what to wear to church, this was very important to teen age girls! We would of course walk to church. I lived on the top row, so we would meet on Bootsie's row or the middle one, then on down to the valley below, where the church was. For some reason, I would always take off my shoes on the way home and of course that would ruin my nylons. The church was The Main Street Methodist Church, not the church I was saved in, but the church I was raised in and went to for 18 years. Off and on I would go to the Plum Run Baptist Church and that is where I was baptised in a creek. And I would go to Baptist Church camp and that is where I was saved. Sunday was always a good meal and always had meat, we often times during the week didn't have meat. Then in the afternoon I would read the paper, the comics. The afternoons were for company or visiting,always relaxing. Bootsie still lives in our home town, doesn't go to the same church, I talk to her often.---Keep the faith---Linda

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  1. I didn't realize you lived on a hill. That sounds really neat :)