Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today my husband and I adopted a gaggle of three geese. Little do they know we have plans of them working in the garden as we have been told they will weed the garden an not bother the veggies. They are adorable and so soft. Granddaughter, Sierra will help raise them. Country life is great, always something going on, like a green house on the dinning room table. Squash is taking over Tomatoes coming in second and tomorrow we must start more seeds. Today at the renal center was slow, they called me in early 11:00 and didn't get me on till 11:30 will I never learn? Blood pressure did well, maybe I have found the right combination to keep it from dropping.---Keep the faith---Linda


  1. Have you named the geese yet?

  2. No names yet, I think the smallest is the girl and the other two are boys. A goose and 2 ganders. And I think they are grey geese. But I am not an expert on geese, but I am learning. They are so cute! Love Mom