Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Well Nikky is here but Eddie has gone to the doctor for a check up, so I am really alone. Thank you, Andrea, for thinking the afgan is beautiful. You didn't get to see it finished. I put a bit of ruffle on it because it was plain. It is so cold here today again and cloudy, I am so ready for spring weather. I know that our new princeses is ready. The geese are so big they are getting out of the tub. Would move them outside but it's too cold. Tina took me to the renal center yesterday, we caught up on all the gossip as we hadn't seen each other in a long time. If we have to have anyone to help us, I want it to be Tina. Easter will be here soon, I love Easter, all the little girls dressed up in frilly dresses and little boys with ties on, the church service, Easter dinner, the egg hunts, family together. Nikky is trying to tell me about some pop star, as if I care. To bad Home Helpers can't send an older lady to help, one that knows about house cleaning, cooking for older people, and that would have similar interest.---Keep the faith---Linda

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