Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Well Nikky is here but Eddie has gone to the doctor for a check up, so I am really alone. Thank you, Andrea, for thinking the afgan is beautiful. You didn't get to see it finished. I put a bit of ruffle on it because it was plain. It is so cold here today again and cloudy, I am so ready for spring weather. I know that our new princeses is ready. The geese are so big they are getting out of the tub. Would move them outside but it's too cold. Tina took me to the renal center yesterday, we caught up on all the gossip as we hadn't seen each other in a long time. If we have to have anyone to help us, I want it to be Tina. Easter will be here soon, I love Easter, all the little girls dressed up in frilly dresses and little boys with ties on, the church service, Easter dinner, the egg hunts, family together. Nikky is trying to tell me about some pop star, as if I care. To bad Home Helpers can't send an older lady to help, one that knows about house cleaning, cooking for older people, and that would have similar interest.---Keep the faith---Linda

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rainy Day

A very cold day with a bit of rain. But we had a very enjoyable day, had stir fry for dinner, so good! Found out I can crochet little girl's socks, I am so happy! Angie said I could sell them on her store on Etsy, and she would take them to the craft fairs. Might even make some baby afghans to sell. Finished Valerie's plum afghan, will have to see about sending it to her. I do so hope she'll like it, she has done so much for us.---Keep the faith---Linda

Friday, March 25, 2011


Listening to music today, I guess to sooth the savage soul. Yesterday I went to the garden and watched everyone work. Things are coming up already and the garden looks so pretty. It was so neat having everyone out there, even Tom after work on the tiller, Sierra planting bluebonnets. Amazing Grace has got to be the most beautiful song ever wrote, I am hearing it as I type. Am missing my kids today, wish they all lived close, they are the most facinating people, have so much talent. Last week dialysis wasn't too bad, just boring.---Keep the faith---Linda

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today was a beautiful day in the neighborhood with a slight breeze and a high temperature of 82 degrees. I wasn't feeling too good after dialysis yesterday, bloodpressure problems and plain old pain. Was up past 4 AM until I finally drifted off; up at 9. Feel much better today although I am still weak from a short term virial infection. Had a wonderful dinner prepared by my darling husband, that really made me feel better. Awhile ago, I had the best conversation with the cutest two year old, she is so special. The geese are getting so big so fast. Won't be long till they can be in the garden, helping with the weeding.---Keep the faith---Linda

Friday, March 18, 2011


I have been ill for the past two days. I feel very weak. I am not a very good sick person, I always feel that I can heal myself and tend to just want to be left alone to die. Of course I'm not dying I just have an upset stomach. Not much to say today.---Keep the faith---Linda

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day Off

It is always great to have a day off from dialysis, I live for my time away from there. I have been doing well, not putting on much fluid, and what little I do put on seems to pull off easy. I have been getting techs that know me, that I like, and most important of all they can stick me without hurting me much. Also, my blood pressure has been doing better and that helps so I don't feel so tired. Today I sat on the porch while Eddie worked on a flower bed along the front of the porch. Plan to plant zinnas. We took the baby geese outside and let them swim in a tub. Lots of pictures! At first they were afraid of the great big world and would run and hide under their human goose mothers. Yes, Andrea, I lived on the top of a hill, had to walk down it, thru town and up another smaller hill to high school..Your Dad said one had to live on top a mountain or a narrow valley. It is very beautiful back home.---Keep the faith---Linda

Sunday, March 13, 2011


When I was growing up Sunday was always not special, but set aside. First church and always you wore your best clothes. My friends were there, the ones I also went to school with, and always my best friend, Bootsie (Karen Louise Marchiney). Sat. night would find us deciding what to wear to church, this was very important to teen age girls! We would of course walk to church. I lived on the top row, so we would meet on Bootsie's row or the middle one, then on down to the valley below, where the church was. For some reason, I would always take off my shoes on the way home and of course that would ruin my nylons. The church was The Main Street Methodist Church, not the church I was saved in, but the church I was raised in and went to for 18 years. Off and on I would go to the Plum Run Baptist Church and that is where I was baptised in a creek. And I would go to Baptist Church camp and that is where I was saved. Sunday was always a good meal and always had meat, we often times during the week didn't have meat. Then in the afternoon I would read the paper, the comics. The afternoons were for company or visiting,always relaxing. Bootsie still lives in our home town, doesn't go to the same church, I talk to her often.---Keep the faith---Linda

Friday, March 11, 2011

a day at home

Got up late! Heard the awful news about Japan, and all I can do is to pray for them. This world is in an awful shape, come Lord Jesus soon. We, my husband and I, are studying about Moses and the children of Israel leaving Eygept. How God sent 10 plagues and God hardened Pharoh's heart every time. Can we compare all that what is happening in the world today to that? Are the people of today like Pharoh - are our hearts hardened against doing the will of our Heavenly Father---Keep the faith---Linda

Thursday, March 10, 2011


After 18 years, today my husband shaved his upper lip. I have lived with him for 47 plus years and every now and then he surprises me. Angie and the girls came over today and let the baby geese go swiming, I heard that they enjoyed it. Diaylsis went well today other than my blood pressure wouldn't stay up after they pulled the needles.---Keep the faith---Linda

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today my husband and I adopted a gaggle of three geese. Little do they know we have plans of them working in the garden as we have been told they will weed the garden an not bother the veggies. They are adorable and so soft. Granddaughter, Sierra will help raise them. Country life is great, always something going on, like a green house on the dinning room table. Squash is taking over Tomatoes coming in second and tomorrow we must start more seeds. Today at the renal center was slow, they called me in early 11:00 and didn't get me on till 11:30 will I never learn? Blood pressure did well, maybe I have found the right combination to keep it from dropping.---Keep the faith---Linda


I am not a morning person. But here in Texas I have to get up early when it is garden time Ibecause it gets way too hot to do any work. We garden in beds and last year we didn't garden at all.. I believe it should rest every 7 years. We also do a lot of mulching which helps keeps the water in and as it breaks down it helps feed the plants. Today I have dialysis, feels like four hours wasted, but without I have no life. I heard not to long ago that hemo dialysis only cleans 10% of my blood. I don't know why they don't give us more education about what is going to happen to us and why. I have a need to know! ---Keep the faith---Linda


Monday, March 7, 2011


Babies are the most loving people in the whole world. This morning I have had more than my share of baby hugs.Keep the faith--Linda ----

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A big surprise

The door opened and there stood Andrea, what a surprise! They went to Tyler and decided to swing by here and stay the night. I have the sweetest granddaughters. Ella is the most entertaining baby ever. Annabel talks to me like a grown up. Sierra is my crocheting partner. Grand children are just the greatest! Today, Sunday and Monday are my weekend no dialysis and I feel good. Once they adjusted my dry weight, my blood pressure stays up better. I would love to hear from other renal people. --Keep the faith---Linda