Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day Off

It is always great to have a day off from dialysis, I live for my time away from there. I have been doing well, not putting on much fluid, and what little I do put on seems to pull off easy. I have been getting techs that know me, that I like, and most important of all they can stick me without hurting me much. Also, my blood pressure has been doing better and that helps so I don't feel so tired. Today I sat on the porch while Eddie worked on a flower bed along the front of the porch. Plan to plant zinnas. We took the baby geese outside and let them swim in a tub. Lots of pictures! At first they were afraid of the great big world and would run and hide under their human goose mothers. Yes, Andrea, I lived on the top of a hill, had to walk down it, thru town and up another smaller hill to high school..Your Dad said one had to live on top a mountain or a narrow valley. It is very beautiful back home.---Keep the faith---Linda

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